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The members of After Hours Radio are no strangers to disruption and upheaval. Formed from the DIY music scene of the student cooperatives at the University of Michigan during the spring of 2014, After Hours Radios’s shared interest in straightforward songwriting and genre experimentation created a foundation for their groove-heavy indie rock.

But directly following production of their debut EP, the vocalist and drummer departed for overseas careers, leaving just the core songwriters Nate Erickson and Greg Hughes. Despite this, the group borrowed friends and performers from local groups and continued to perform and write.

Over the next year Nate took over the vocals, keyboards/synth player Jordan Compton was added to the mix, and the group released their follow up single, Systemic. Local house shows and open-mic nights soon gave way to weekly road-trips. In May of 2016, Sean Batts was added to the group, and a month later they departed on their first tour of the midwest and east coast.

Fresh off of their tour, After Hours Radio began writing again for the next release with their solidified lineup. During this period, the new members of the band relocated to Ann Arbor to focus on writing and performing. As the band continued writing and gigging, the increased time commitment and relocation began to take a toll on the member’s personal and in-house relationships. These struggles became a direct inspiration for the content of What Happened?.

The material was brought to After Hours Radio’s long-time friend and sound engineer, Evan Klee-Peregon, recorded at his home studio in Detroit, and set to be released on September 29th, 2017.

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